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I’ve earned my Bachelor and Masters of Arts from Saint Mary’s College of California, I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach through IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC), Meeting Leader/Personal Coach with WeightWatchers (North America), FitFluential Ambassador, Eleven By Venus brand ambassador, Rock n Blog team member, and currently working towards completing nationally recognized personal training and group exercise certifications. Completed 19 half marathons, 1 duathlon, soon to be triathlete, and countless other running distances.  I’ve always had a passion to help people and now (after shedding 170 lbs of my own) found a way to live out my vocation through helping others find/live their own healthy lifestyle.

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DISCLAIMER:  Any and all my posts are OPINION based and not posted in an advisory nature.  Any facts are noted by a footnote (and/or link/annotation/etc) otherwise my posts are about my personal experience based on my life trials.  This isn’t meant to advise or prescribe others on how to lose weight.  It’s about sharing my journey and learning from my mistakes.  I’m not an MD, PhD, ND, etc…but in my efforts I’m trying to bring their science closer and clearer to those who need to know their facts.   There is no “magic pill/shake/exercise/etc” that will cure obesity.  If there was, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic in America.  I’m posting to show you–as an EXAMPLE–that through hard work (something our society doesn’t focus much on anymore with our newfound ‘love’ of convenience) and dedication that anything you want in life for your life, IS POSSIBLE!  So please, don’t take my posts any other way but that.  There’s no personal chef, diet, physician, personal trainer, workout, etc. that will “cure” our problems…only WE CAN.  Everything one needs to be healthy, they have inside them.  THANK YOU!! In good health, @ReNewedMe


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