Part Deux #ProjectSelfLove

self love

Rant over, but life just beginning–better late than never!

Expression comes in many forms and differently for all of us.  My post earlier this week was one of many ways that I express myself.  I’ve heard some interesting feedback and welcome it–everyone has a right to their opinion.  To be fair, I also have the right to walk away or not utilize it but that’s neither here nor there.  I start this blog 10 years ago knowing the “risks” that came with it.  To me blogging is publicly posting my journal entries.  I don’t do it for a reaction, I write because it’s healing and if sharing my story is helpful to someone else then that’s an added perk!  I write for myself, of myself.  Just as it says above, “I am free to express myself to the world.”

Next step in my journey?  Great question.  Every journey begins with the first step.  My first step is to love inward and outward.  I’ve loved outward for so long I’m not totally clear on what love I need for myself.  I know my basic needs but that’s as far as I got.  My basic needs will help me survive but only satisfying those keep me from thriving and that’s my goal!  My basic needs as of late are spending time being active, writing, meditating, balance of healthy and indulgent foods, sleeping, professionally challenging myself…

So now what?  Well time to stand my ground, revisit my life plan/goals (some how I was super passionate about that in my early 20s and not so much since).  It’s a good time to reassess; I’ve changed A LOT since then.  My priorities, goals, aspirations, etc. are not the same.  Just like me, they have evolved–no adult bride I’ve seen wears a pillow case as their actual veil at their wedding. 😉   I also realize I need to manage my stress–for many reasons but also to help keep me focused on my goals!  Keep me in thriving and not just surviving.

Recently I had a mentor introduce me to a Life Map.  Our conversation came to this after discussing “personal and professional life balance.”  Reality is that there’s no clear separation between the two.  The person I bring to work each morning is the same I take home each evening–food for thought, so simple yet I was like “oh ya, duh.”  So why have we been ‘spinning our wheels’ to find a balance between the two?  My brain is like my planner–it has all of my life in there.  My vision board now feels like a immature approach to what I want in my future–it worked for my past but not for my present or future self.

So step two on the journey–looks like now I know–will be Life Mapping. What’s my new vision for my life?  Stay tuned…we shall see!

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