Microblog: Refresh. Renewed.

If you’ve wondered where the URL name for my blog originated, the very first post I published is the one you want to read. Not because of those specific life experiences but for the overall theme.

Life is a constant state of change, evolution and renewal. Even through death we change–our soul leaves our body and the physical being begins decaying. Changing is something you can’t change or stop. When I started this blog–10 years ago–I finally came to understand and appreciate change.

Something about leaving my current space helps me see, accept and appreciate my changes. I got on a plane Tuesday not by chance but by blessing. See I’m not a woman known for her spontaneity and this trip was all spontaneous. I didn’t have buyers remorse on this spontaneous moment either. Planned it out and saw it through. It wasn’t until about 1pm PT Tuesday April 3 that I came to realize that my trip wasn’t spontaneous at all, it was a blessing.

Most of those photos/videos you saw nationally televised from Tuesday’s shooting at YouTube HQs came from my fellow Associates. I work right across from there. I see their cafe patio from my window that I sit right next to. I usually work with my window open so had I been at work I would have heard the shots fired at 1245pm–or would have been outside walking and clearing my mind. But I wasn’t there–for once, in 12 months–I wasn’t anywhere near that area (I live only a mile from where I work). Someone else was making sure of that before I even knew it.

Change is purposeful and destined. I just landed back home and I feel refreshed and renewed. Not in a relaxing spa way but in a much needed renewed (& clearer) perspective way. I’m blessed and I needed to be reminded of that.

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