Workin’ Gal Wonders

Times have changed…said this more than once, huh?  Well, in this case it’s time for a change here and that’s just what I’ve done!

The way I’ve been doing things just doesn’t work anymore; I’ve changed in so many ways and therefore my processes needed to evolve as well.  Here’s the ‘skinny’ on my not so skinny life….

  • A year ago I was looking for my next career opportunity after having been let go of my previous one—a blessing in disguise to be honest.
  • While on the hunt, I was also nurturing and figuring out the new-ish relationship I was in and we were facing our life challenges together
  • ….and trying to get comfortable in my growing body—because, hi I stress eat and I’d faced a lot of stress over the previous 12-24 months.

Sounds like fun right?  More like something I’d run from.  To that point, I came to realize that my running was falling by the waste side too and I was running for the wrong reason—as a means to get “skinny” and run from my problems.  All that was just what was on the surface (we don’t have time for the details) but the good news is I’m here a year later not just surviving but thriving again!  Life is funny like that—waves of surviving and thriving—it’s a cycle, as they say.

What now?

  • I’m fully and happily employed! I’m not just happy to have a steady income again but I really am happy what I’m doing, where I’m doing it and who I am working with.  I can see myself growing here and establishing some roots.
  • That “new-ish” relationship isn’t so new anymore but we’ll always feel and act like two kids dating in some respects—which I love. I’ve learned we can face a lot together and get through it even better together.
  • My body….well in some respects is always “growing” but (as I take a glance at my reflection in the window) while I’m not the smallest or most in shape I’ve ever been, I’m happy with myself and learning to be more so every day. I can do a lot that I once couldn’t and that itself is something to be proud of.  Still running, just a bit slower then I used to and because I want to vs have to.

These are some of the reasons for the updated blog.  I started this blog back when I’d just lost my Mom to cancer, my grandma to heart disease, was newly unemployed and morbidly obese.  I was writing as a means to heal myself and find my way in my “new normal” life.  I’ve missed writing for myself of myself and by myself.  As my life started to feel like it was coming back together, my focus started to be more external then internal, which was never my intent.  I’ll always be a work in progress and I’m ok with that–I embrace that!  I’m looking forward to what lies ahead of me and sharing my journey—happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, success and everything else that goes with this thing called life!

Time to get to workin’!

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