Pamper Yourself

So part of health and wellness is taking and making time for yourself right?  Some TLC goes a long way!  This week I got the (somewhat) unexpected surprise to do a little of that for myself!  With 2014 being as full as it’s been, that’s often been hard to do!  In the past I’d take a mini trip to wine country or a spa day but it’s been challenging (time and finances wise) to make that happen.  It doesn’t change the need for it though!  So when this blue box showed up on my doorstep I was thrilled!  I didn’t know what would be in it and although it was small it was packed full of great goodies–and I’d like to share them with you!!


I was immediately drawn to a few things in particular and couldn’t wait to get them open and in use!  The only item in the box I’d tried and/or purchased before was the Tide To Go Pen–which works very well by the way, especially in the moment!  Much more subtle than dipping your restaurant napkin in your water glass (or *cringe* licking your napkin) then attempting to dab out your stain!

So first product I tried was of course the Sally Hansen nail polish! Love to girly it up every now and then–plus, if i feel late night mindless snacking coming on, it’s a great way to keep me from dipping into anything!  Can stand taking the time to paint my nails then ruin them!  Fun color of barracuda and their applicator tip was rounded, which I’d never seen!  It’s genius because now with that tip you are less likely to paint the edges of your cuticles/fingers in addition to your nails!  Made my non ambidextrous self feel more capable to paint both hands well and not just one!


Next, so I’ve always had an issue with acne–ever since puberty kicked in–and it hasn’t gone away.  At 32 years old, that’s more than frustrating.  Two of the products in the box were geared towards improved skin health!  The Eco Tools sponge and Olay Regenerist Moisturizer.  The sponge is an affordable option for sensitive skin needs–there’s also an exfoliating one.  The texture is quite unique and I’m still squishing it because it’s just like nothing I’ve felt or used before.  Out of the package it’s hard but add water and it softens right up!  For me, the Olay made me think “I’m too young for that!”  But really, skin health–especially your face–is important at any age!  Also, after just three nights of adding this to my regimen I’m a convert!  I see and feel the difference in my skin.  It’s smoother and my acne seems to be more in control–for me that’s an improvement!  My face is noticeably smoother as well!




So lastly, I’m not quite headed down the aisle but after browsing their site, when I am my first stop will be Riley & Grey!  The card included in my @Influenster #VoxBox offers 50% off for your own personal wedding site!  In addition though, they have so much more!  Inspiration for not just weddings but honeymoons, baby showers/parties, and fashion and reception!  They have a modern flare with a classic/traditional inspiration!

So my moral here, is don’t forget to scribble in some time for you…whatever you may be doing or in the middle of!  Even things as simple as painting your nails or giving yourself a facial can help boost your mood/energy!  The wedding website, instead of being a part of the process you dread or groan about, may be something you look forward to instead!

Take time to enjoy the “little things” and your gratitude will multiply your abundance!

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