Pre Race “Cold Feet”–Am I the ONLY One?

Many times, especially when I first started out, I’d get to be a “ball of nerves” pre race day.  Often times it’d keep me from getting decent sleep the night before, my stomach would be in knots the morning of, I’d jump out in the beginning of the race and go too fast for my normal pace, etc.!  Am I the only one?!?

I’ve come to learn that running is just like many other things in life, it’s something we practice and the more we practice we not only get better at it but we also get more comfortable doing it.  I’m at a point now where I can feel my pace/stride and that’s an achievement for me but I still get some of those nerves/cold feet!  It wouldn’t bother me so much if it didn’t also trigger some negative thoughts. 😦  Am I the only one?

I can often catch myself in these moments and consciously work to correct my negative thoughts into positive ones.  Or I’ll pause and reflect on my past and realize that there was also a time when running wasn’t something I was capable of doing because of my weight and mindset.  These help me in the moment but now I wonder if these nerves are something I’ll always have or if it’s possible for me to overcome them.  I’m running my first half of 2014–wait, maybe that’s part of my problem….maybe I’m keeping myself this way by always focusing on the “first” part of this.  Instead shift my focus to I’ve run this race before, I’ve run 13.1 miles nine times before this and I’ve run 10+ miles many times in addition to that!  Focus on adding more miles to my life and enjoying the view instead of focusing on the speed in which I get from point A to point B. 

I keep running (and the longer distances) because I enjoy the “runners high”–I let go of all the things “weighing me down” and just enjoy being in the moment; it’s like meditating.  So I don’t know why I get so wrapped up in the “can I do this” pre race nerves!  Maybe this blog will help me release that and the more I practice releasing it, it will eventually cease to exists.



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