#ThrowBackThursday –What’s the deal?

#ThrowBackThursday --What's the deal?

I recently had to explain to my Dad what #tbt is. It was kind of a funny conversation, he understood what I was saying but didn’t see the point in the concept. I didn’t think much of that, generations tend to cause those kind of “gaps.” I usually get a giggle out of it. But today seems a bit more sentimental to me than usual. I realize that there’s a beauty in our #socialmedia concept of “Throw back Thursday.” This visual moment in time we share allows us to practice the art of #Sankofa. What’s that you wonder? Well I learned of the term while studying my #Masters program at #SMC. It’s an ancient belief practiced through our modern day ways/technology–life and art.

The picture here was once my only definition of #family. Time and life has changed that but this is my root/foundation. I don’t think there isn’t a day that passes without me physically missing my Mom in some way. But I am who I am today because of everything that has happened in my life–EVERYTHING, just as it has…

I’ve developed a better relationship with my Dad, I finally went back to school (something she’d been pushing me about), I’m in the best physical shape of my life, I met the love of my life…etc. I’m not trying to pull out the silver lining of losing my Mom at a young age. I’m simply saying that I may have lost her (physically) but in her departure from this world, she left putting other’s first just like how she lived. I’m #grateful for this weekly practice that allows me to keep my focus forward but my roots deeply planted!

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