FearLESS: Who knew approaching goal would be so mentally challenging?

I’ve been within less than 10 lbs to my ultimate goal for over a month now.  I’m not writing this blog in discouragement–FAR from it! I’m proud of how much I’ve accomplished, how much I’ve mentally grown while physically shrinking, and how much I’ve shed up until this point.  My purpose here is to share my reflection about the fear that has come for approaching goal for me.

I started the physical part of this journey as a coping mechanism to the loss of my Mom.  Somewhere along the journey this shifted from her to me.  But as I come to a close to the shedding part of my journey I’ve come to realize that part of my hesitation to hitting goal (and the reason my progress has slowed) has been due to achieving this without my Mom being physically present.  This seems like it will be one of many MAJOR accomplishments that I am truly doing on my own and that’s a bit scary to me.  Like stepping off the edge of a cliff!  The “now what?” rushing through my mind as I look over the edge of a cliff–yes, I’m at the edge with being only two pounds from my goal.  Yes, it’s an ‘edge’ for me because while I’ll take time every now and again to “look back:” at the ‘mountain’, that’s all it will ever be for me, a VIEW of the ‘mountain’ that I will have conquered!  Knowing that I conquered it will be a reminder of what I am truly capable of!

This fear is OK though.  I realize and accept that it’s part of my process and more importantly that I am ready to take the next step in my progression to being the best version of myself!  I know I’m ready to hit goal and will accomplish it soon!  More importantly I know I’m ready to learn how to maintain, something I’ve never done before.  I’ve always been in a losing mode so learning to maintain will be a whole new territory for me and I’m READY for it!

Fear is ok, not addressing or facing your fear isn’t.  We have to at least try and never give up on ourselves.  If we can commit to that–COMMIT TO OURSELVES–then eventually we will overcome that fear!  Through tears last night, I recognized that I faced my fear and was no longer intimidated by it.  I’m ready and willing to do all that it will take to hit goal!  I’ve faced my challenges and fears along the way, one at a time, over and over again.  I’m here, meaning I overcame them!

FACE YOUR FEAR!  If at first you don’t succeed, try TRY AGAIN!

My closing thought…nope it wasn’t the above…is this,

KNOW that you are NEVER alone on your journey!  You always have you and more often than not, we always have others who are willing to help, support and encourage us through!  You always have me!  YOU are the one who has to put in the effort but we all need some cheering on along the way!  Because of the support of all of you, I’ve come to this point!  THANK YOU!!!

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