It’s Not All About the Numbers…

Not About the Numbers…
I know this and yet often find myself getting wrapped up–drowning really is more like it–in the numbers that surround my health. It’s kinda hard not to when you have doctors, the media, weightloss programs, commercials, magazines, trainers, etc ALL focused on your numbers too!!
Don’t get me wrong, they are great forms of measurement and tools to guide you towards a healthy(ier). But it’s not good when that becomes your one main focus and measurement of your “success”.

I recently realized the source of my frustration, in regards to continuing “down” (pun intended) my healthy path, stemmed from spending day in/out getting on a scale, taking m measurements, my calorie burn, my heart rate, pace time, etc. this wasn’t fun, enjoyable or a source of pleasure for me anymore. It got down rich depressing. To the point where I could hear “I give up” echoing in my head–not uttered, but certainly internally heard. Which awakened me to realize that something wasn’t right and it had nothing to do with my calories in vs calories out.   My old self would have “drowned” in my frustrations probably said “I can’t” and just settled on the weight I’m at. “Hey, shedding 130 lbs is commendable…you did good… Now ‘take your ball and go home….no more weight is coming off, this must be your ‘ideal’ weight.” Heard it? Said it? Thought it? Ya, me too–in my past! But I’m not letting myself off like that. To me that is quitting. That is copping out. That is giving up on THE most important person–myself!  And if I give up on me, why not others–my boss, friends, etc?

I say all that to say this. Achieving and living a healthy lifestyle is NOT about the numbers, it’s about how you feel. Are you happy, bloated (don’t laugh you know you’ve been there), stressed, content, looking to change, looking to better manage your life, feel out of control, or looking to find physical/emotional/mental peace?  Those–one or all–are not centered around the numbers but feeling. We are often ‘running’ through life so quickly that we don’t feel much throughout our lives unless it’s something huge–a wedding, a funeral, a loss of job, a new baby, etc.   We end up missing out on so much by not finding our “pace” in this world.

I’m going to close with a bit of my own healthy tidbits….
  1) FOCUS: what is it that really makes you FEEL like you are really alive…focus on YOU.  What makes you happy, what do you do that you truly enjoy no matter what, what do you always look forward to doing, etc?
  2) BREATHE: most of us normally have a shallow breath because we are always go go go!  Runners know how important and imperative proper/good breathing is for running–especially long distance.  Not advocating that running is for everyone. But the lessons of proper breathing are.  You will tend to feel more at ease and relaxed which helps your overall feeling.
  3) FUEL: in this case “fuel” = food.  Not just any food, food that makes your BODY FEEL GOOD.  Notice that I did not say makes you feel good…that tends to make people emotionally eat.  That’s just the opposite of what I’m encouraging.  We are already doing that. Drink water because it naturally cleans and flushes out your system. Eat fruits/vegetables because they nourish you and provide your body with natural vitamins and minerals that help fight off illnesses.
  4) REFLECT: you’ve done a lot already, up to this point. Remember that and be grateful for how far you’ve already come!  Keeping your sole focus on what’s ahead is good but remember how far you’ve come as well.

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