Don’t Forget to Say ‘I love YOU’

So Fridays are my weigh-in days; I’ve been working hard and staying diligent to my healthy goals plan but the scale showed a 0.2 lb loss, which was disheartening. I’ve been working so hard and it didn’t reflect on the scale. Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up on myself I spent most of my meeting reviewing the past week in my head. I felt like I did my best, but apparently there were areas I could do better. I’m so close to my 100 lbs lost mark–it’s within reach–that when I don’t have a 1 lb+ loss, I’m beating myself up over it.

As I continued thinking about all of this something else came to mind for me. I know I’m loved…by many great people, for which I’m VERY GRATEFUL for! But I’ve been told ‘I love you’ more by others than I have every told myself that. I’ve said it more (and meant it) to others more than I have ever said it to myself. If I wasn’t in public at that moment, I probably would have burst into tears. How can I have so much love to give and not give any to myself? Now, I’m sure many of you may be thinking ‘but what about your workouts and time you’ve spent on yourself taking better care?’ And to that I say, but most of that has been about developing new healthier habits….it’s been establishing a new routine…and there have been a lot of break thrus and ‘aha’ moments, but none like this one today. My studio is a living vision board; my white walls are covered with motivational sayings/phrases, pictures, etc. But I’ve never taken the time to give love to myself. I have looked for love from others (and got it in some cases) but never took the time to look for love from myself–let alone give love to myself.

So if you get anything from this and do just one thing for yourself today, tell (or remind) yourself how much you love you. It sounds silly but our actions often speak to this point–especially for many like me who have struggled with weight and self-image issues their whole life. It’s not about the number on the scale or your waistband that fulfills you…it’s not the calories or points that will sustainably fulfill you…it’s not the love from others that will fulfill you….it’s the love you have for yourself!

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