Don’t miss 2012

Sitting here at the airport during the holiday season reminds me of time passing. People hurry along and in here that seems like that’s all that happens. But when you stop hurrying yourself and observe your surroundings, you’ll notice a lot more–a mother seeing her son off to deployment, a child on its first trip, a mourning soul in town for family, business people trying to jumpstart our economy, a young couple taking that next step….

Life happens here.  The lighting and walls may not change much but a lot of change happens here. If you just stop to take a look, you’ll see what you are missing.

What have you missed today, this week, this month, or even this year–doesnt it feel like we just started 2011?  Newsflash–2012 is banging on the door!!  That being said (fr someone who doesn’t make new years resolutions) what are you doing this year?  What’s happening right now that will influence your 2012 life goals?

Stop and reflect–if this isnt something you normally do it may feel awkward or weird but once you really try, you’ll find great reward in doing this. Just stop. That’s all it really takes. Stop running around and just observe–yourself and the world/life happening around you.   You may be surprised to see how much you are missing.  Don’t analyze, just observe. If you need a focus to quiet your stirring mind–focus on your breathing.  I’m not saying you need to close your eyes and “OM”. Just use your breath as something to focus on to really stop–most of us criticize children for not being able to sit still but we cant do that as adults!

So if I can influence your 2012 in one way, I hope it’s this….stop and take in all the life happening around you, reflect once in a while on what you observe, and be grateful for the blessings you find in it all.

I hope you all had a healthy and blessed 2011–I wish you all the best for 2012!!

Happy, Safe & Healthy New Year!!

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