Gettin’ back on the wagon!

We all have our times when life seems to steam roll us with a loaded schedule and things to do!  What happens?  For me, and I’m sure others, my workout seems to be the first thing to go…

So about a month ago, I ran my first race!  It was great!  The weather in SF was gorgeous!  It was actually unusually warm early that day so it challenged most of us locals.  But it was fun and exillerating and now seems to be addicting!  Not looking to run any marathons any time soon but that day I was ready to sign up for race #2! 

Then I could feel my body telling me to take a recovery day.  Running that race was a big thing for me and my body needed to rest and recover.  Well one day turned into two, turned into three, turned into four….and so on.  Granted I had just been hired for a new job so getting back into the 9 to 5 schedule was a definite shift in gears, especially since I’ve been unemployed for almost two years.  So working out and going to school was my life.  Running errands in between filled up my time.  But shifting into working 9 to 5 threw me off for some reason. 

Before yesterday, it was a month since I had fully worked out.  Other than the one really good one I got in at about the two week mark.  My morning runs ceased and aside from going to the gym to work my night shift…I wasn’t going.  That spark that was motivating me “come hell or high water” just wasn’t there.  I was putting everything and everyone’s needs before mine…again.  This is how I got to this size in the first place…I wasn’t putting me before the needs of others!  Now hear me out, I don’t mean that in a sense of someone is lying on the floor and needs CPR and I’m certified and keep walking by them…no not at all!  I mean that when it comes to scheduling my day with “to dos” everyone else’s needs make the list and then mine fill in whatever is left at the end.  Not the way to go…I want to keep moving forwards and that gets me going backwards.
So I’ve committed to this…I schedule myself a week at a time…my days need to consist of at least two  “me things” a day…and I dont just mean waking up and taking time to prep myself.  I mean taking anywhere from five minutes to one hour at a time of something that will better me.  Whether that’s a workout or time spent reading a book of my choosing, or sitting down and watching a movie i’ve picked…whatever.  I have also committed myself to my two Zumba classes a week.  I want to at least get those in and then I can build my workouts back up from there. 

So many of us get caught up in putting other’s needs before our own and then don’t realize what’s happened until it’s sometimes too late.  Don’t allow yourself to bring yourself down.  Yep that’s right…no typo there.  Too often we blame others for our lacking when we really need to take a good look at ourselves.  Confused b/c of what I just spent this whole blog talking about. Don’t me, well at least let me clear it up for you.  The only person I blame for putting other’s first before my own needs, is myself.  I’m the one that over committs myself.  I am the one that looks at my schedule and says “sure I can look after your dog while you are out of town and cut my trip short to do so.”.  STOP!  That’s benefiting no one, especially not you.  Others will understand if you have something planned.  I’ve never understood when I’ve asked someone to do me a favor and then they can’t and they apologize.  There’s no need to apologize…that’s why it’s a favor. I know that if you were capable of doing it, you would…and if you can’t it’s ok, especially if I am asking last minute.  I appreciate just the time you took in seeing if you could make it happen.

Now, take the time to do yourself a favor.  Take the time to pencil time for you.  Even if it is something simple, like reading a few pages in a book you’ve been meaning to pick up for a while.  A little goes a long way.  And just as someone very wise and loving reminded me yesterday, every little bit counts, especially when it comes to getting in a workout.  It may be only two days a week of Zumba right now, but in the long run I will see the greater impact it has on me.

Don’t get to harsh on yourself either if you miss out.  There’s always tomorrow.  Its like deciding to continue your binge eating after you have realized what you have done.  Why?  Why in your moment of clarity have you decided to say aw screw it and keep going?  Better to stop then and there….better that then consume another 1000 calories you didn’t need.  Falling off the wagon is human, allow yourself to be human.  Your strength comes from the willing and ableness to get back up and keep going.  Don’t give up on yourself!

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