Losing it…

I’m someone who has always been “big boned”, voluptuous, fluffy….etc…(haha..fluffy is always funny to me)–or so i thought!

It was a little over a year ago when I seriously went at it in losing weight.  I’ve always seem to battle the bulge (like many others out there).  I’ve done WW (more than once) and crash diets gallor…but was never successful.  I couldnt figure out why up until recently…after i’d lost over 50lbs. 

Look, lets be honest….people who have always been skinny dont know what it is really like to fight this battle.  Sorry skinny peeps but its true.  You dont know what it is like to tip the scale at more the 250lbs, or to not fit in a movie theater seat without squeezing into it, to not be able to ride the ride b/c you cant pull the bar into the locking position, ask for the extendeder belt in the airplane so you can buckle up, get the looks esp when you eat out…etc.  Lucky you!  Its humiliating!  So, NO you dont know what it is really like to fight the battle!  So these weightloss books written by people who have always been skinny are a joke to me. 

Anyone who knows me knows how much of an avid BL watcher I am…and here’s why…its real people fighting a real battle!  Yes, it should be inspiring b/c here are people who have already been humiliated on a daily basis for their weight and they are going on national tv to fight their battle…there are 3 people in this world who know how big i was at my biggest…and that took me a long time to divulged!  I dont know that i could ever have gotten on a scale in front of the world at that weight.  I respect those people! 

I say all that to get to this.  Anyone who thinks the answer to their weightloss (no matter what size they are) is in a book, on the tv, on the internet, in a box, in a meeting, with a personal trainer, in a bottle of pills…couldnt be more WEONG!!!  This may sound cheesy to you but the answer really is within yourself!  If you dont know how you got to that weight then you havent asked yourself the question b/c you have the answer.  You cant find a fix to the problem if you dont know what the problem is or the cause of it in the first place.

We have the ability to accomplish whatever weightloss goals we set…we apply those skills to our daily lives.  How many people have ever graduated?  How many have studied for a test and earned a good grade?  How many have had a successful relationship (platonic or otherwise)?  How many have bought their own car or home?  How many have earned a promotion at work?  Finished an at home project or work project?  We HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!  You have the tools to accomplish what you want in regards to your health.  You just need to apply them to your health.  What do you do when you are hosting a party?  You plan…you write it out, budget it, prep, etc.  The same applies to your health.  You cant take short cuts to be successful…not if you want real long lasting results.  Personally, I want this change for life.  I want to lose it all and never get it back.  I want to live longer then 60.  By taking shortcuts I miss out on life….

Dont miss out on life!

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3 thoughts on “Losing it…

  1. Hola! I enjoyed reading your post! You're right in that people must always look at the root of what caused the weight gain, before they can move forward. I love the definition of insanity:Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! We must identify certain things before seeing the results we seek. It's not until we do it like we're hosting a party (BTW – love & have used that analogy before), plan from A to Z, take one day at a time, and make it a celebration with memories to last forever, ones that stick as part of a change that should last for a lifetime! Very well-written post! Keep going for your weight loss goals! YOU CAN DO IT! Smiles!

  2. I am right there with you! It IS possible to loose it the normal-non-pills-no crazy teas kinda way You have been such a huge inspiration to me THANK YOU!

  3. Love this post, I tell people the same thing. If you don't want it nobody can make you want it!

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