One heck of a ride–from beginning to END!!

I’m forewarning ya’ll that my mind is all over the place right now.  There is SO much going on that I dont really want to corale my mind but feel the need to write now…i usually produce some of my best blogs when theres a lot going on up there.  So just bear with me, please. I think you may get more out of this one than you think.  “Dont judge a book by its cover.”  It’s been on heck of a ride since I have started this…

So let’s get started…

Spring is always about new beginnings (and beginning in general).  It’s like the world re-awakening from winter!  We tend to get back on workout regimens we may have dropped off of (many of us in preparation for summer), it’s notorious for weddings (the beginning of marriages), births, etc.  We make so much focus on beginnings on life and tend to forget about finishing.  I know, i’m guilty of it myself.  As an artist I have many paintings and drawings that I have yet to complete.  So i’m not chastizing anyone for being “guilty” of this.  But here’s my theory….i think we focus so much on beginning vs ending b/c ends have had somewhat of a negative connotation placed upon it.  Think about it…someone dies, the buzzer ending a game sounds and you are a shot off from winning, a movie ends, a book ends, a relationship ends… But what if we thought about it this way….someone who was sick is now no longer in pain, you finished the race, a new book can be started, etc.  Finishing something isn’t so bad.  Finishing is actually GREAT!! 

We are about to come up on the month of May (ya take a look at your calendar, we are half way through April, I can  say that!).  May is the month that I will bring my Traditional Undergraduate career to a close.  I will officially have obtained my degree.  Part of my is sad in that I didnt get this done while my mom was alive to witness it, but I know she’s somewhere up there going “Thank God!  Finally! If only she had done that while I was still alive her father wouldnt have bugged me about it.”  But I’m so much more excited and thrilled them I am sad about that.  I have finished something!  Something more then a book (as of late).  Finishing is such an accomplishment that many of us take for granted. 

I joke about how the gym clears out by March because I finally dont have to fight for a machine that I want to use.  But in reality it is a sad thought for me.  So many people who set out with their New Year’s goals will not accomplish them.  They will give up before they barely got started.  They wont feel the greatness of finishing and more importantly of being a healthier and happy version of themselves!  I am still far off from my ultimate weightloss goal, but now more then ever I am more dedicated and determined to accomplish it!  Not so much b/c i’ve gotten this far and think it a waste to go back but b/c i know how GREAT this feels and I know that it will feel that much better when I finish at my ultimate goal!

Think about being in school and how great it felt to finish a project or paper for a class!  You no longer had it weighing on your mind.  Think about finishing your chores as a kid so you could go out and play…how great did that feel??  I encourage you to start what you finish!  Start small, remind yourself of the feeling of accomplishment of finishing…how satisfying and gratifying it is…then go big!  Hit that weightloss goal you have been working on for so long; land that deal at work; finish that big project at home; get debt free, etc.

Realize the greatness in finishing and in turn the greatness that still (and will always) exist in YOU!!!

Finish Stong!!

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1 thought on “One heck of a ride–from beginning to END!!

  1. This post is dedicated to (and in loving memory of) Janet…thank you for all of your love and support…you will be greatly missed here by many–including myself! RIP

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