Every day I’m reminded that I don’t really know what living is about. That’s not a negative thing…just to say that I receive a constant reminder from God (or whomever you chose to believe in) that I need to be grateful to be alive! That every day I am blessed with is just that a blessing…a gift! Let me back track a moment here and tell you how I came to be inspired for this blog.

Just about 24 hours ago I was working…mindlessly-my work is that hard. But looking at that now reminds me that just about 6 months ago I wasn’t working and was frustrated b/c of that. But the point being that I was working and folding towels, checking in members, etc. About half way through my shift I was mentally reminded about a time with my mom just before she died. As much as I tried to fight off the tears b/c I didn’t want to leave the desk, I was unsuccessful and stepped away to take care of myself. Seconds later I was on the floor of our break room in tears. I miss my mom frequently, nut most days are easy but every now and again I have moments like that. Over time I have, not forgotten but, archived the sick memories of my mom and have good/happy/healthy memories of her. But there is one I haven’t let go of and that was her final living moments. The point being that this weighed on me the rest of my shift and I was perfectly content with just going home and sleeping until whenever I happened to wake up later that day. Turn off my cell phone and just sleep it off. But I came home to some news that completely obliterated my self pity. It wasn’t a misery loves company moment but a reminder that while my life may be rough at times, I’m not alone.

We so many times get wrapped up in what’s going wrong in our lives that we forget what’s going right! We seem to lose track of our blessings. We aren’t grateful for what we do have and instead wallow in what we don’t/ Yesterday reminded me how blessed I am for the wonderful people I do have here with me in my daily life. It reminded me (as today did) that I woke up this morning, able to get up and out of bed on my own. I am able to get up on my two fully functional legs and walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth, shower, etc. I am blessed to have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, school to attend, family who loves me no matter what, friends who support me in my endeavors, and a man who loves me unconditionally (I’m crazy and he still loves me, I know it boggles my mind at times too! 🙂 ). Things may not be ideal or perfect in all situations but they are all lessons in life that I am destined to learn.

Going back to school has had its ups and downs–and it’s only been two semesters–but it’s between those ups and downs that I’ve come into my own and where I have grown. My weight loss journey has had daily obstacles but here I sit pounds lighter. It’s all worth it in the end. But in that “dark cloud” moment we tend to forget and lose sight of the final goal/destination. There is a reason that quote is so famous…

“..It’s not about the destination but the journey along the way…” (Something along those lines). It’s in our travels along the way where we transform into something great. Don’t focus on the daily struggles…think BIG, dream VIVIDLY, love UNCONDITIONALLY, be grateful DAILY, learn FOEVER….in that you will end up successful.

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