A New Sun Rise=A New Buginning

You notice how we always want to start something new-whether it be a routine, diet, workout regimen, job, look, etc.- on a Monday?? Why is that? Or the first of the month or year…. if its about it being a new beginning, don’t we get that every day? Every time the sun sets it rises again on a new day. It brings us another opportunity to start anew. So why do we still wait for a New Year’s resolution, the first of the month, a Monday, etc. to start something new in our lives?

Today as I was lying in bed listening to the radio I heard one of my favorite songs come on the radio. This is a song I love for the lyrics not just for the instrumental aspects of it. It is Reba McIntyre’s “I’m a Survivor”. I’ve copied and pasted my favorite lyrics below….

“I don’t believe in self-pity

It only brings you down

Maybe the queen of broken hearts

But I don’t hide behind the crown

When the deck is stacked against me

I just play a different game

My roots are planted in the past

And though my life is changing’ fast

Who I am is who I wanna be

…. I’m a survivor”

Where am I going with all this “new beginning” and “survivor” talk?? Well, we all have our moments…. many of you know the struggles I have faced this past year, and it is not to discredit anyone else’s struggles but hey this blog is about my life. It’s interesting how what we think we could never survivor we do. A year ago I would’ve never thought I’d be doing what I am right now. What is that? Well I’m back in college working towards my Masters, I’m working two jobs (a volleyball ref and back at 24 Hour Fitness working the front desk at nights), living on my own, in a long distance relationship, preparing for my sister’s wedding, visiting my Mom via my prayers/heart/soul/the Italian cemetery where her body lays to rest, following a strict budget, being creative with how I make money (completely legal, get your minds out of the gutter), 40 lbs less, being “college student” broke but working on becoming debt free, strictly platonic with my ex, etc. That list could go on, I am here all night with not a whole lot to be doing…but I will stop there, you get the point. Looking back, none of these changes happened b/c I said, “Monday I’m going to…” or “My New Year’s resolution will be…/” or “The beginning of next month I’m going to….” No sir!

We are guaranteed two things in life…death and taxes. That’s it. Everything else we make happen, and if we wait for tomorrow to make it happen it may be too late. After losing my mom (and then many close people to my after that) I was reassured how fragile life is. How little of a guarantee it is. How if we wake up in the morning, well hell, that’s a damn good start to a day! Lot’s of people aren’t blessed with that. My next blessing each morning is that I am physically able to get up and get out of bed, on my own! If I can do that, well then I “woke up on the right side of the bed” and have a good foundation to face the rest of my day.

While I may gripe about being here and being bored or sleepy, I’m blessed to have a job. Not just a job but for a company that I like and respect and am proud to work for! I haven’t had a job for a year! Meaning I haven’t officially been on a payroll anywhere for a year!

I trained with a kid last night (my first official night on the job) that is 22. Without even asking him that I guessed he was about 21 or so. He was funny, young, naive, but a good kid in general. He kept making fun of me b/c I kept finding stuff to do to keep me busy! He started to feel like he was being lazy. But what he doesn’t get is not that I’m trying to be the new hire suck up. But I was excited to be at work. I had a job. Not that I was a manager before for this company and so wanted to get things done here but I had a job! It was a great feeling to have!!! I have it written into my planner for the next six months! I have a job!

Everything in life happens for a reason…. good, bad or otherwise. But the blessing in life is that while not every day may be a great one or even a good one, we get another chance at it every 24 hours! We get a new chance to start over. Not erase what happened the day before but let it go…. it’s in the past. Leave it there, learn from it and move on. Move on to your new sunrise, your new beginning!

As I finish this we are starting a new day. As my shift ends many of you will be waking up to start your day. The “starts” and “ends” of my days may be a little different now a days but I am still blessed every day with a new opportunity to live my life how I want.

Here’s a link that my Dad shared with me and I thought you might enjoy…have a wonder and blessed day!


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