Dreams and Nightmares


A few days ago after telling a friend about my nightmares that I had been having, I was sent this link.  Slightly perplexed as to what Honda Motors had to do with my nightmares I asked him.  He said it might give me some insight to my nightmare and its meaning.  My nightmares were about my mom and what I lived though with her battle of cancer.  How did Honda Motors play into this?  I got the “just watch it and you will know why I sent it to you.”  So being the good Catholic girl that I was raised to be I followed instructions. 

I’m an artist at heart.  I’ve been painting, drawing, coloring, creating, etc since I was old enough to hold a brush!  But growing up in a home with two scientifically minded people I also had a bit of “left brain” in me.  So the combination of the two developed the very unique individual that I am today!  I say this because throughout my life I have learned that to stay “sane” I must regularly utilize my outlets.  They tend to let me “blow off steam” from regular life stress, work (or now school) stress, frustrations, obstacles, etc.  What I have learned is that my outlets are primarily one of two things; creative outlet and energy outlet.  The energy one I fulfill by keeping a gym membership and I am there fairly regularly (as of late, well I havent been there so often).  My creative outlet I will exert through writing (such as this blog) or painting/drawing/sketching/etc.  In my little studio apt I have set aside a designated area for my art supplies and a desk where I can perfom/work on these pieces.  There’s been a piece laying there untouched for about two months now.  I keep them out so people can hold me accountable and I hold myself accountable.  But realistically I havent made time for any art lately.  And just like a much needed workout….I should be picking up a brush soon/

So back to Honda and my nightmares. ….Well if you go and check out the link yourself, specifically the one about Dreams and Nightmares you will probably understand why my friend sent me the link.  My nightmares, which thankfully ceased last night, are a manifest of myself.  I need to pick up a brush and let out what is bouncing around up there!  Not to say that I’m going to have a phase of  “dark art” but just that my energy needs to be released.  And for me, being that my nightmares were about my mom, my art will reflect my mom and who she was.  So stay tuned, my next blog may be a photo of my latest piece of art!

In addition to, I’ve survived my 2nd week of school.  It’s going by so fast!  Before I know it my semester will be over and it will be January and my new program will be starting!!  Can you believe that it will be 2010?!?  I feel like I read books in school that told of the future in 2010 and here we are on the brink of it!  Ok that’s a different blog!  For now I will leave you with Dreams vs. Nightmares.  The whole documentary series is worth watching, check it out!

Until next time!!!

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