Day 1, Week #2

So I have survived week #1 of back to school!  Now here I am beginning week #2 and I find myself back at my old high school and I’m an observer.  For those of you not in the educational field.  As a prospective teacher earning my masters and credentials I need to spend 50+ hours in a classroom observing teachers.  I am watching their teaching style, interaction with students, reaction of students to their teaching methods, etc.  All this towards developing my own style of teaching.  Which for someone like me who doesnt have much style as it is….LOL, I’m just kidding!  But I’m not 100% sure how great of a teacher I will be.  I am not one to go into anything blindly so all the preaparation I can get is a plus for me. 
So back on the old stompin’ grounds and here with kids…LITERALLY kids…we dont realize how old me are until we have something to compare it to.  So here let me help you out a bit.  I’m thinking you may laugh and cry a little bit….

1)The oldest of these kids was born after the 1989 earthquake

2)Rodney King and the LA Riots are something they know about b/c they can Google it and they had to b/c when they watched him on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab they didnt know who the guy was or why he was on that show!!!

3)The 80s is retro! And the clothes of the 80s are making a comeback b/c of them like bell bottoms and the clothes of the 70s did for some of us.

4)While I wasnt even allowed to have a page in HS, these kids all have (and have had) a cell phone!  I got my first cell phone when I graduated from HS!  A pager is something they probablly dont even know about let alone have actually seen/touched!

5)The internet is something that has always been in existence for them…DOS days um…what?!?!  Typing commands to get a circle on the screen…um dude, I can make that circle into a bouncing ball with your face on it!

And there’s the bell!  Literally.  So while I have had the first block off I now need to go to a class and observe for real.  But keep in mind how different this generation is.  I feel like i’m my parent’s generation talking about Gen Y…what is this genereation called?  Gen Ynot?  They have experienced no real hardships…obstacles are something they know from history books!

So signing off, you luck out, the bell is keeping this short for you!  But hopefully it made you roll your eyes, toss you head back and laugh a little, just give you a welcome break from whatever you all do out there in the working world!

Thanks for reading and talk to you again soon!!

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